About me

I’ve been into photography as long as I can remember, even back in the days of film, I can still remember taking my old 110 and 124 film to the chemist to get my 24 or 36 pictures back. I studied photography at college and got my hands wet doing my own developing

I got my hands on a digital camera back in 1994, taking black and white 640×480 pics. But Smart phones opened up a whole new world for me, suddenly we could take it with us and capture everything. I suppose you could call me a shutter bug because I used to fill up memory cards like no tomorrow.

Not so long ago I had a significant birthday and was treated to my first DSLR, I’ve never looked back. Since 1st Jan 2019 I’ve taken at least one photograph per day.

I take my camera with me almost everywhere so I don’t miss a picture. I’d much rather be the strange guy in the street who everyone gives sideways glances to than miss out on an amazing image I’ll be able to look at for years.

self portrait in public