Just recently watched a video about landscape photography, but I took something more from it than the photography tricks and tips, something the photographer said really struck a chord with me. When people look at my photos they see an image, maybe get a feeling from them. But when I look at my photos I see a memory, for example, what lead me to that picture,? what was I doing that day, how I felt, at that moment, how I got there, what the weather was like, etc.

Some of those things you could get from the picture, but others are personal to me and only I know these things for every single one of my pictures. So it made me realise that taking a photo a day is likely visual diary/journal/mood book for me to look back on.

Also this week I learned the meaning and the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic. Doing something for the joy of doing it or for external factors. I think that’s something I’ll explore in another post at some point as it does feel like it has a heavy connection with our social media lives.

dog in deep in thought in the sunshine

Change of perspective

One thing I’ve noticed during this lock down is what I notice, it’s forced us all to take an inward perspective I think. Personally I’ve started to notice things on a different level, small things like a new bud in the garden, a different colour popping from a group of flowers. But also noticing how things look at different times of the day too, as the sun passes over or if there’s a day with no sun, where yesterday it was bright and beaming in.

Sunrise after the clocks changed

Social Isolation

I’ve come to the end of a surreal week of working from home and keeping away from other people because of the Corona virus.

I’m still determined to keep on with my photo a day but finding interesting images can be tricky when your world is so much smaller. But if you look at the world on a macro level then there’s so much more to see, I’ve been taking lots of flower images which have been well received on Instagram.

Crocus in the morning after the rain
Crocus in the morning

The Long Day

Thursday was a busy day, it was 9pm before I got my picture of the day. I noticed the streets were very quiet so I thought about taking a few pics which tell a story about what was going on.

Quiet street at night
Empty streets

Monday Monday

Another Monday working from home, looking forward to a different but productive week ahead.

It’s cloudy outside so not sure what opportunities for a photo of the day there will be but they often present themselves unexpectedly so I’ll wait and see

Blue tit on a cherry tree branch
The sun came out and so did the blue tits